Thursday, July 26, 2007

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

yeah, at angra, rio de janeiro for 4 days so far.
after about 2 days of flying solo from SG to paris
then to brazil.
haha, climbed the eiffel tower, took some pics,
ate at their cafes, visited the louvre museum,
said hi to mona lisa.
rushed back to charles de gaulle airport to fly again.

hoho, it's one hell of a great place. totally dig it. (:
love the friendly people, and the weather,
and loads more!

really fortunate to be able to visit South America.
because dad's company posted him here for 2 years.
anyway, mugging progress is shit right nw..
and hell, i gotta start learning brazilian portuguese!
hope to have time to talk about the whole travelling
experience sometime soon.
Shaun Totally Loves Brazil.

"i'm so raffles i can ace my mid-years, not."

haha. :D

end transmission.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

It's minutes after midnight, and that means today's the 14th May. Do ya know what this means?! Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight would be released today! HELL YEAH!

To celebrate this joyous event of the year, a song has been added to the blog. Linkin Park - Given Up. Yeah, I'm sure not many of you are gonna like the screamin. TAKE THIS ALLLLLLLLLLLLL AWAY! >=D

AJC's been kinda okay for me. Realised that the people there are nice and share rather similar interests. And i think i've become known for dissin' the school. That's right, when there's every single oppurtunity to criticize and i take it. (yeah, and i've got plenty to say about its shitload of assignments and long-winded lecture notes.)

The school also has a problem of posers. They are rampant, widespread, plague-like pests and vermin that spawn throughout the vents of the college. Yes, shudder in fear. Lil' punk-actors who think they're damn cool and tough, till one saw a grasshopper on the table during lunchtime and freaked out. o_O

I think I've settled down a little bit better, but it hasn't reached a point where acceptance of the JC comes in. A levels will be over soon. A levels will be over soon.

Anyway, The main thang is:


*jumps for joy and gets stuck through the ceiling*

Been catching a number of matches with Regina. Particularly RJC vs ACJC and PJC vs SAJC so far.

RJC vs ACJC score:7-3

i loved this match. and i really respect RJ ruggers. Great sportsmanship.
Disappointed with my dream JC's council people who were cheering, they did lots of extreme stuff that showed disrespect in RJ territory.

PJC vs SAJC score:5-34

watched this one to support my PJ buddies and rugby seniors who were great in teaching me skills during PAE despite my poor sight without specs. Though they lost, PJ put up a good fight and the SAINTS underestimated them. kudos PJ. i support you guys all the way!

This wednesday, RJC vs SAJC
RJ's gonna kick some SAINT butt!

Anyway, Here's a picture of a ruck during the RJC vs ACJC match:

end transmission.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

PE in AJC is FUN yet tiring, i like.

and so, school term has begun. new beginning, new term, new classmates, new stress, new teachers, new blah.

hoho. 34/07 is filled with interesting people! very unlike the typical aj "mugger" class! and damn, i just can't seem to open up that easily to everyone in class. but then again it takes time right? haha. i may seem passive in class but no one knows how crazy i can get yet. beware. (:

34/07 FTW!

end transmission.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AJC is kinda dry right now. (since when was it an exciting and happening place?) there's totally nothing to do in school, except listening to boring talks and attending only introductory lectures. sucks. =(

made quite a number of new friends in AJC, turns out that quite a number of the boys in 34/07 are rejects from their 1st choice school and most of them are from the 2nd intake too. they don't seem to be mugger as well.

come to think of it, AJ's students are realleh freaky. you see them fiddling with their graphic calculator on the MRT. you see them fiddling with their graphic calculator in the canteen. you see them fiddling with their graphic calculator in the corridors. their mugging is 133+. and it scares the hell outta many of us. junhong even said AJ's regular mugging is like JJC muggin' for A levels. ownage. O.O

today we had the most talks compared to the rest of the other days. and there was a straight 4 HOUR STRETCH of talks, all in the same bloody location. holy sh*. and so half of the class decided to pon.

yeah, and so we went to our home class to pass the time. Played some card games (i'm friggin' noob) and then played musical chairs. it was fun, until that crazy teacher popped in. she resembled an overstuffed 'thing' that got real pissed for failing slimming treatment. great. and so that thing forced us right out and to the auditorium.

no space at the 3rd level, but eventually made it in with a classmate. and then
he went out to join the class. and so i was alone with fairuz's group of friends in the corner. kena spotted by the speaker downstairs, who made us stand up and proceed to the 2nd level to sit. yeah, i'm the "chinese boy" that speaker was referring to.

in all, it's a horrible day. and what else pissed me off? continue reading.

AJC's cca system sucks. and due to our large cohort, guess what?

1. all CCAs have interviews: they pick you, not you pick them. despite it being a non-sport CCA that doesn't contribute much. how ironic.


3. NO RUGBY. can't believe it when you have rugby posts. -.-



now that's great. it defeats the whole point. the fact that we want to aid our uniform groups in secondary school shows our disinterest in any of the CCAs AJC has.

AJC, your CCA system seriously needs rethinking. >=(

end transmission.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

After plenty of thinking through, i think it's time i accepted the fact that i'm in a better school than the previous one despite a compromise in facilities and CCAs. heard from some friend that the University Admisison Rate is 94%. Now that's mighty high. still can't count on that though, don't wanna be one of the other 6%; and that means MUGGGGG TILL YOU DIE. I just remembered MT A Level Exam is held this year. Oh yes, funs.

Anyway, had a gathering with friends yesterday. Gorged at Marina Square's Seoul Garden, especially tons of ice-cream, and baked potatoes, goooood stuff. Damn, and now is when the 'fatness' sets in...that bloatedness. Kilos, whoohoo!

Moving on, we headed to the arcade after eating, with 3/4 of the people playing pool and 1/4 hittin' the consoles. Me, not being a pool enthusiast, went to wage war together with Faishal on shooters like WARTRAN TROOPERS, TIME CRISIS II, GUNBLADE, and the best one: AFTERBURNER:CLIMAX.

That one was one hell of a warplane simulator. Lots of twists and turns on your seat while trying to avoid missiles, bombs, bulletsm, etc. Lots of Adrenaline..SHIOK. Haha. Gotta hit that simulator sometime soon..

After about 2 hours of fun, decided to head home due to certain reasons. And so we did. Li Boon, Faishal, Jee Yang and I walked to the MRT and headed home..a nice outing it was. Kudos to Min Shan for organising and Faishal for encouraging me to go. Thanks a lot man.

dday+2. war is coming.

Typing in proper Case is kinda different. o_O

end transmission.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

a boy.
who isn't good at anything.
wants to set everything right,
and he continuously flops.
you can hardly believe
he'll come out tops.
do you think he should fight on?
do you think he should press on?
and fight for what he wants to achieve?
to become better than his peers.
to prove them wrong.
to gain their respect.
that boy, will fight on.
till his last breath,
till the day he collapses
in front of your very eyes.
till the day,
he dies.
the battle begins 15.03.07.

send him to the frontlines.

end transmission.

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gear up and head out.

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